Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) is the “science behind” the Savory Institute's Land to Market program. Land to Market is a provisioning solution for conscious consumers, brands and businesses, connecting them directly with the properties verified to be regenerating their lands. EOV is the empirical instrument used to rate the fields that participate in the program.


EOV is designed to reflect the Savory Institute's ongoing commitment to producer education, support, and continuous progress in community with their peers and respecting their inherited context. That is why it was designed according to the following

strategic pillars:

Many certification schemes are based on inventories of agricultural practices. The problem is that the use of practices or tools does not guarantee that regeneration will take place.


The results depend on how and when the practices and tools are used, and that depends on contextual variants in

cultural, environmental and economic conditions. EOV gives the land a voice of its own, based on empirical and tangible results, which in turn provide the producer with continuous feedback that allows them to improve their management decisions. EOV observes and measures which are the key indicators in the functioning of an ecosystem, and the same added reflect if the trend of the entire

analyzed terrain is positive or negative. In addition to providing verification of the health of a field, EOV also provides critical information to the producer as custodian and manager of the field.

land. By recognizing both trends and targets for regeneration, EOV verification, and other associated incentives, they are awarded as long as the health of the land moves in a distinctly positive direction.

E.O.V. (Ecological Outcome Verification)

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