Through Holistic Management we seek to generate an increase in the country's production not only in economic capital but an increase in social and environmental capital.

Our purpose is to provide tools to the producer so that he is benefited on a daily basis, trying in this way to stop the migration of young people from the countryside to the city.

We seek to connect the producer, the industry and the brands with by-products that come from fields that are regenerating in such a way that the demand for these regenerative products increases and we can not only achieve an added value that leads to higher income, but also improve the situation. of the producer in general.




Alberto Bocking

Ramiro García Pintos 

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Felipe Urioste

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Equipo Pampa Oriental


Ing. Agr. Fernando García Pintos


Ing. Agr. Lucía Bauer


Ing. Agr. Joaquín Rodríguez


Ing. Agr. Josefina Garese


Ing. Agr. Santiago Halty

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Ing. Agr. María José Urioste


Ing. Agr. Juan Ignacio Montans

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Ing. Agr. Nicolás Bargo